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1box (50 pcs) POWDER ANT KILLING BAIT / 1box (50 pcs) COCKROACH KILLING BAIT / 1box (100 pcs) STICKY FLYPAPER Fly Trap Pelekat Lalat
Price RM20.00 - RM25.00
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Directions for use :

Place the bait where ants are frequently observed, with each spot about 1g and 5 to 8g per square meter, If the place is heavily infested, double the dosage. For better effect, fill up the bait whenever it is gone.
Precautions :

Place the bait technically and preserve the product at cool and dry places.
It is of vital importance to remind you that this product is of slight toxicity, thus you must keep this product away from pets,food, water and other foodstuff or tableware, etc.
After in contact with this product, you should wash your hands carefully with soap water without exception; and keep this product at place beyond children's reach.
Emergency Measures :

If the product gets in the eyes, use a great amount of clean water to wash it out. If serious, seek medical advice immediately.
If mistakenly taken, please receive treatment under the instructon of a doctor.

Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Ant-killing Bait / Cockroach-killing Bait
Net Content: 5g/pack
Form: Powder
Toxicity: Slight Toxicity
Quantity: 50packs/box
Killing Target: Ant / Cockroach

Can effectively kill ant / cockroach, keeping you away from those annoying insects
Very easy to use: just put the powder bait at the place that those ant haunt
Can remain killinginsects efficacy for a long time under dry conditions
An attractant with strong effect and a bait insects love to eat.
A powerful and immediate killing effect.
This products can be placed in cracks, corners, and areas around at home, in hotel, hospital, malls, food stores, supermarkets, schools, cars, on ships or planes, etc.